Discover our Firefly location in Marrakech!

« Are you an adventurer? Do you love to discover new things, explore new places, and change things up? If so, your place is with us! Firefly Morocco, the national car rental agency of Morocco, has incredible deals to offer you. With unbeatable prices, it’s easy to hop into one of our economy cars and head to the best destinations of the summer!

Our locations are open and available in all the biggest cities in the Kingdom for you to rent a car on your next vacation »

Our Firefly Morocco location in Marrakech is made just for you

Finding a rental car in the busy summer season is always a little tricky, especially when everyone is looking for comfort at the lowest price.  At Firefly Morocco, we have you and your holiday in mind when we offer our diverse catalog of available economy cars at their low costs.

For your holiday in the Red City of Marrakech, we have established a location just for you. Our Firefly office is conveniently located at the Marrakech-Menara Airport, staffed with our skilled and qualified agents, who are ready to assist you in getting your rental car on the road quickly and easily!

With our summer specials, prices are no longer an issue. Crazy promotions are waiting for you! Come on in and enjoy our secure and economical cars! In fact, our discounts are available on all makes and models, giving you the widest selection for your holiday that you could ask for!

What’s more is that if you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like coming in to see us, you can also quickly and easily consult our catalog to find the vehicle you want. You can book your rental car online in total security, as the payment is 100% secure!

Low prices and the best insurance with Firefly Morocco

At Firefly Morocco, the national car rental agency, you don’t have to worry about your comfort and security - that’s our priority! We ensure that everything you need is taken care of. We offer a wide selection of rental vehicles at low prices. Our vehicles are sure to meet all your needs and desires.

In our opinion, it is absolutely essential that you feel secure in your rental, from beginning to end. We make it our priority, and it’s for that reason that it is so important you choose one of our locations at Firefly Morocco for your next rental car. Plus, we have many insurance options to suit your needs, which will allow you to have an unforgettable, secure, and low-priced holiday!

Don’t wait! Come discover all our travel insurance offers for your vacation!

An incredible holiday for our incredible clients

On all our deals, we are always thinking of ways to serve you better, starting from our low prices on all our rental cars all the way to our Holiday Vacation Guide!

As well, we have recently updated our Firefly Morocco website to make the navigation as simple and intuitive as possible. With dedicated travel sections and many options to help you, your next vacation will seem so much easier to organize. Our travel advice is inspired by the best travel blogs out there. So it’s up to you to take advantage of it, especially to be inspired by the holiday plans we suggest. Find the perfect destination and make your vacations the most beautiful possible!

So come on in and take advantage of our rental cars in total peace with Firefly Morocco! Our packages include several offers and discounts for you to have an incredible holiday!