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If you are looking for the perfect means of transportation for your trip to Casablanca, then this article is for you. Discover the best rental cars for the city of Casablanca and where to pick up your vehicle.

Morocco is a big country, with very diverse landscapes. Every region, every city, every corner of the kingdom has its particularity. And that's why some rental cars are more suited to some cities than others. Casablanca, for example, is a large dynamic city, located near Rabat, the capital.

A sedan

Casablanca is a busy city where traffic jams are not uncommon. But a car trip remains the best, the shortest and the safest solution. To move comfortably during your stay in Casablanca, it is better to rent a spacious car, like a sedan.

In addition to their undeniable comfort, the powerful engine sedans have would also be an advantage if you want to make the trip to Rabat. The capital is indeed only 1h / 1h30 drive from Casablanca.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a sedan for your trip to Casablanca.

Location de voiture à Casablanca

location voiture Casablanca Firefly Maroc

Useful information

To enjoy Casablanca, to move easily and to make the trip to Rabat (for example), it is recommended to rent a sedan. This comfortable vehicle will make your stay even more comfortable.

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