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To make the most of your holidays in Fez, you will need a means of transport on site. And for that, there is nothing better than a rental car. But which model to choose? Discover our recommendations for the city of Fez.

In Morocco, it is necessary to have a car available to move easily. And it's even more true when one goes to the big cities of the kingdom, like Fez. Being one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, Fes is a historic city, very touristy and dynamic. In Fez, it can be difficult to find and move. The ideal is to rent a car at the airport to have a vehicle upon your arrival.

City car or roadster

The choice of the rental car depends on your plan in Fez. If you expect to stay in the heart of the city and explore the different neighborhoods of Fez, then it is better to rent a small city car, in order to sneak into the narrow streets of the city. If you are thinking about exploring the region and going to Meknes, for example, then a roadster would be more comfortable.

City cars and roadsters are mere recommendations, but at Firefly Morocco, you will obviously have more choices than these two options. Remember to book your car rental in advance, directly on the Firefly Morocco website, and choose the Fez airport agency.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a city car or a roadster to enjoy your trip to Fez.

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Useful information

Fez is a historic city, where the streets can be very narrow. That's why a small city car is recommended. Except, of course, if you plan to explore the area, and in this case, a roadster would be more appropriate.

Enjoy Fez: Car rental Fes (Firefly Morocco Fez car rental agency)

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