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If you are planning a trip to Marrakech, a city where public transport is less than ideal, then you will need a car rental. But what kind of car is it the most suitable for the city of Marrakech? The answer, below.

Morocco is a beautiful country with continuous development. But the age of the cities (some of them are thousands of years old) and the diversity of the kingdom's landscapes sometimes make public transport complicated. This is why it is recommended to rent a car in Morocco. And every trip has its own car rental. If you go to Marrakech, two types of rental cars are particularly recommended.

rental car in marrakesh to enjoy your stay

A small car or an SUV

If you go to Marrakech with the idea of ​​staying in the city, then it is recommended that you rent a small car. Rental city cars (also called "compact cars") are perfect for getting around the narrow streets of Marrakech and for easy parking in this constantly moving city.

If on the contrary, you go to Marrakech with the desire to explore the surroundings and in particular the mountainous region of the High Atlas, it is better to rent an SUV. You can already book the rental car that suits you from the Firefly Morocco website. All you’ll have left to do is to pick it up at the Marrakesh airport.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a compact car or an SUV for your trip to Marrakech.

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Useful information

If you are planning a trip to Marrakech, then do not forget to rent a car - essential for getting around this big city. You can obviously choose the rental car that makes you happy, a sedan for example, but a small car is recommended to move easily in the small streets of Marrakech and an SUV is recommended if you plan to go to the mountains.

Enjoy Marrakech: Rental car Marrakech (Firefly Morocco Marrakech car rental agency)