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If you are planning a trip to Ouarzazate, then do not forget to book the rental car that will allow you to easily move around. And if you do not know which rental car to choose, maybe our suggestions will help you. Check the best car hire in Ouarzazate.

To enjoy the most pleasant stay in Morocco, it is imperative to have a means of transport. The best is to rent a car on our website and pick it up at your arrival in the airport. But before you even think about the pick-up agency, you must first think about the car that best suits your stay. If you go to Ouarzazate, there are two types of car to favor.

A 4x4 or a roadster

Ouarzazate may be one of the most important cities in Morocco, but it remains a pre-Saharan city. Ouarzazate is therefore a city with a small urban center (compared to Casablanca or Tangier, for example) and natural surroundings. We go there especially to venture towards the Sahara and to admire the rough landscapes of the surroundings. For this, it is recommended to rent a 4x4 or SUV, simply.

If you do not intend to head to the desert and if you prefer to see the landscapes of the north of Ouarzazate (if you make the road between Marrakech and Ouarzazate for example), then a car is the best suited to your needs.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a 4x4 or rent a roadster to enjoy your trip to Ouarzazate.

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If you go to Ouarzazate, then there are two types of rental cars adapted to your trip: a 4x4 to ride on the rocky roads that lead to the desert or a road car to make a road trip between Ouarzazate and other major cities of the kingdom.

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