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While you are planning your trip to Tangier, do not forget to rent a car. This will allow you to move easily in this beautiful region of Morocco. But what is the best rental car for Tangier? Discover our recommendations.

To spend beautiful and pleasant holidays in Morocco, it is necessary to rent a car. As public transport is not the most comfortable option, renting a car in Morocco is indeed the ideal way to get around easily. But Morocco is a country with varied landscapes and some vehicles are more appropriate than others depending on where you go. In Tangier for example, two types of rental cars are more recommended than others.

An SUV or a sedan

To spend a dream trip to Tangier, two types of cars are preferable: an SUV or a sedan. An SUV is ideal for traveling the winding roads of the Rif, the mountain range of the region of Tangier. With an SUV, you will also have enough room to take the whole family to the paradisiacal beaches that border the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Renting a sedan is recommended if you plan to visit the other major cities of northern Morocco, such as Rabat or Fez which are respectively 2h40 and 4h drive from Tangier. In a comfortable sedan, you will not feel the time pass.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent an SUV or rent a sedan to enjoy your trip to Tangier.

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To spend a pleasant stay in Tangier, you have to rent a car. And in Tangier, nothing is better than renting a sedan or an SUV. These two types of rental cars are suitable for the mountainous roads of the Rif, and road trips.

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