TANGIER : Mixing historical and modern spots

Would you like to experience a stay full of excitement and dynamism, and at the same time add a traditional feel to your stay? If so, Tangier is the city you are looking for!

Because of its proximity to Spain, Tangier is considered as a cultural crossroads combining both Eastern and European cultures. In addition, this city offers its visitors a combination of modernity and tradition through its various contemporary spots and historical monuments.

Since Tangier is one of the main metropolises of the kingdom, possessing a car seems to be a good idea, right? In this regard, we suggest one of our 2WD category cars such as DACIA DUSTER 4X2 so that you make your trip easier. Also, to help you explore all the secret corners of the city of Tangier, we have prepared this guide to make your memories even more memorable.


Where to eat in Tangier?

One of the first things we think about when we arrive at a new location is where we shall eat, right? That being the case, we suggest the most famous restaurants in Tangier:

· « El Korsan » which offers typical menus and a breathtaking view of the Strait of Gibraltar;

· « L’Océan » where you can have a good meal while taking seaside walk;

· « Saveurs de Poissons » which offers unique and original fish menus;

· « La Place de France » referred to as the largest café in the city;

· « El Hafa » which will make you live a pure happiness thanks to the mint tea and the beautiful view offered.


Where to stay in Tangier?

Once you've settled on where to eat, it's time to arrange your lodging. Here you can opt for one of three options: hotels, Riad and guesthouses. In this sense, we recommend the following hotels: Chellah Hotel, Rembrandt Hotel, Dar Sami and Mauritania Hotel.


Top places to visit in Tangier

Once your bags are placed, head to the Medina and stroll through its peaceful streets, which reveal the Moroccan culture and its history. While wandering through the Medina, you may want to taste some of the local specialties and take a coffee break. To do so, consider passing by Le petit Socco and Le grand Socco of the city and enjoy the peacefulness of its surroundings. Just next to the Medina, you will encounter the famous large mosque of Tangier that will make you admire more the traditional facets of this city. Next, go visit the must-see tourist site of Tangier, namely The Kasbah. Inside The Kasbah, you will discover one of the old palaces like Dar el Makhzen as well as the The Kasbah museum which covers in its heart several exceptional exhibitions reflecting the diversity and the uniqueness of Tangier. Once done, head toward Le Cap Spartel, a mythical place that will impress you with its stunning view of the Strait of Gibraltar.


In between relaxing and enjoying

After having enjoyed the traditional aspect of the city of Tangier, it is also advisable to immerse yourself in its modern sites. Being a seaside town, Tangier offers you the most beautiful beaches of northern Morocco which will make your stay more vibrant and lively. At first, head to the Corniche, one of the brilliant refreshing spots. This place is surrounded by restaurants and clubs and makes you enjoy good vibes and the fresh air in front of the Spanish coast. For more entertainment, go to the beach of Capa Malabata, Sidi Kacem, or to Dalia beach located just 35 km from Tangier. To go further in the visit, don't forget to stop at Hercules Caves, one of the top tourist attractions in Tangier. However, if nature and the sounds of birds appease you more, head to the most beautiful green spots in this city, namely: The Mendoubia Garden and The Perdicaris Park.


Now that your guide to Tangier is ready, all you have to do now is drive to Tangier and experience it on your own.