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What if you traveled to rest for a weekend in Casablanca? We have prepared a relaxing program in this beautiful Moroccan city. All you have to do is choose the rental car that will take you to Casablanca.

Because it is a city well served by airlines and because it has everything you need when you want to escape, Casablanca is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Before you leave, when you book your hotel room, remember to also book your rental car. You can pick it up directly at Casablanca airport and start the trip right away.

Dinner facing the ocean and city tours

Rent a car in Casablanca to visit the city in one week-end

If you arrive late in the day, you will have just enough time to pick up your rental car and drive to your hotel before dinner. For your first weekend outing, we advise you to dine in a restaurant on the Corniche of Casablanca. You will be able to taste the local specialties, with an ocean view.

For weekend activities, do not plan a busy schedule. Visit the Hassan II mosque and the old Mahakma Pasha, but especially take the time to stroll through the streets of Casablanca. Habous district is particularly pleasant since you will find a souk, the royal palace, and many tea salons where you can taste Moroccan pastries, with a mint tea, of course.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a comfortable car to enjoy your weekend in Casablanca in peace.

Useful information

To visit Casablanca and spend a relaxing weekend in this beautiful city of Morocco, you will need a rental car. At Firefly Morocco, you will always find the right rental car at low prices.

Map: Hassan II Mosque, Old Mahakma Pasha, and Habous district.
Getting there: Car rental Casablanca airport (Firefly Morocco Casablanca car rental agency)