Road trip from Fez to Oujda

If you want to visit Morocco, there is nothing better than to plan a road trip in the kingdom. For example, we suggest that you leave Fez and drive to Oujda, to the east. Discover the details of this itinerary, as well as the addresses of car rental agencies in Morocco, to make your trip easier.

Morocco is a big country, with mutiple facets. To contemplate all the beauty of Morocco, it is better to take the road. We particularly recommend a road trip from the city of Fez to Oujda, in the east, near the border with Algeria.

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Tazaa and Tazekka Park

After picking up your rental car at Fez Airport, go first to discover this historic city. Then take the road east, taking the N6 road and the A2. After about an hour and forty minutes drive, you will arrive at Tazaa - a small town located between the Rif mountains and those of the Middle Atlas. From there, go and admire the Tazekka National Park.

The road trip continues east. Take the A2 road towards Taourirt. After about two hours drive, you will arrive at El Aïoun Sidi Mellouk, a small town from the seventeenth century. Try to be there on a Tuesday morning to explore the souk and do not miss the beautiful kasbah. From El Aïoun Sidi Mellouk, you will then have an hour drive (still on the A2) to reach Oujda.

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Useful information

You will need to rent a car to explore the lands between Fez and Oujda, including the Tazzkka Park and the kasbah of El Aïoun Sidi Mellouk. You will find Firefly Morocco car rental agencies in Fez and Oujda airports.

Itinerary: from Fez to Oujda via Tazaa and El Aïoun Sidi Mellouk
To go there: Car rental Fez or Car rental Oujda (Firefly car rental agencies Morocco)