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If you want a thrilling trip, full of breathtaking landscapes, the city of Ouarzazate is where you want to start for a road trip to the dunes of Merzouga. Book your rental car and follow the guide.

In Morocco, you can spend a great holiday visiting the medina of a big city or sunbathing on a beach on the Mediterranean coast. But Morocco is not just that, it’s also the perfect destination for travelers looking for a change of scenery. If you need a trip to escape, then this road trip between Ouarzazate and the dunes of Merzouga is just right for you.

Location de voiture à Ouarzazate pour faire un road trip jusqu'aux dunes de Merzouga

Ouarzazate, Tinghir and the desert

The first step of this road trip is obviously Ouarzazate, where you can easily rent a car and collect it directly at the Firefly agency in the airport. To visit Ouarzazate, two days are enough: to rest after the flight of course but also to visit the sights of the city like the Atlas movie studios. From Ouarzazate, take the road east on the N10 road. After about 1h30 drive, you will arrive in Kelâat M'Gouna known for its festival of roses, held every year in May. This is one of the most beautiful festivals in Morocco, not to be missed (if you are in the region, at the right time).

From Kelâat M'Gouna, then take the N10 road east. After an hour drive, you will reach the Tinghir Oasis. To enjoy this beautiful region and to have time to visit the Todgha Gorge, prepare to spend at least a full day. Finally, from Tinguir to Merzouga, you will have a little less than three hours drive on the N12. In Merzouga you will find hotels, lodges and bivouacs where you can stay. To have the time to make an expedition in these dunes of the Sahara, it is necessary to consider at least 2 days there.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a SUV 4x4 to make the road between Ouarzazate, Kelâat M'Gouna, Tinghir and Merzouga.

location voiture Ouarzazate Firefly Maroc

Useful information

A road trip from Ouarzazate to the dunes of Merzouga, passing through Tinghir, is an exceptional journey during which one meets indescribable panoramas. To make this trip, you will need to rent a car in Ouarzazate and drive east on the N10 then the N12.

Itinerary: Ouarzazate, Kelâat M'Gouna, Tinghir, and Merzouga
To go there: Car rental Ouarzazate (Firefly Morocco Ouarzazate car rental agencies)