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To see many aspects of Morocco, there is nothing more effective than to make a road trip. To that end, we have prepared a small route between the capital and Tangier. To make this trip more enjoyable, remember to book a rental car in Rabat first.

Morocco is a country so vast that it is impossible to appreciate all its beauty in one trip, much less if you only visit one city. To appreciate the multiple facets of the kingdom, it is best to plan a small car trip, why not make it between Rabat and Tangier.

From the Moroccan capital to the Strait of Gibraltar

To make the trip, you must first book a rental car in Rabat. After picking up the rental car, you can easily visit the kingdom's capital, starting with:

  • the Royal Palace,
  • the necropolis of Chellah,
  • the exotic gardens of Bouknadel,
  • the Medina,
  • and the Oudayas gardens.

Rent a car in morocco to make the trip between Rabat, Asilah and Tangier

From Rabat, then take the road to the north and stop at Asilah. This small port city is known for the beauty of its Portuguese ramparts and for its street art festival.

From Asilah, you will have less than forty minutes of driving left before reaching the center of Tangier. There, you can stroll on the beaches facing the Strait of Gibraltar or visit the many sights of the region such as:

  • the Caves of Hercules,
  • the Perdicaris Park,
  • or the Kasbah Museum.

Before leaving, you can easily return your rental car to the airport office.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a comfortable car to visit Rabat, Asilah and Tangier.

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Useful information

To see many facets of Morocco, we suggest a road trip between Rabat, Asilah and Tangier. To make this trip comfortable, consider renting a car in Rabat. You can pick it up at the Rabat airport agency and then return it at the end of your stay at the Tangier airport agency.

Itinerary: Rabat, Asilah and Tangier
To go there: Car rental Rabat or Car rental Tangier (Firefly car rental agencies Morocco)