Tangier and the northwest coast

If you are planning a trip to Tangier, consider renting a car. This will not only allow you to easily visit this beautiful Moroccan city but also to go along the northwest coast of the kingdom. Follow our road map and enjoy your stay in Morocco.

Tangier is not a small Moroccan city. Once at Tangier Ibn Battouta airport, it is better to pick up your rental car directly to be able to move without any problem in the city as well as to discover the surroundings. In Tangier, visit for example the Nejjarine Museum, the Caves of Hercules, and the Tanners district. Go and relax on Achakar beach, then at Café Hafa where you will have a beautiful view of the sea.

rent a car in morocco to visit the coast of tangier

The Mediterranean coast of Morocco

But do not just stay in Tangier. It would be a shame not to discover the beauties of the Mediterranean side of Morocco. Take for example the road to the village of Ksar Sghir, just 55 minutes away from Tangier, taking the N16 road - the one that offers the most beautiful panorama since it runs along the coast.

From Ksar Sghir continue east towards Eddalya commune. This is where you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco: Dalia beach. This stretch of white sand, one kilometer long, faces the Strait of Gibraltar. People go there to bask in the sun and to let themselves be carried away by the authentic charm of the region.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a compact car to fully enjoy Tangier and the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

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Useful information

When you go to Tangier, you should not miss the Caves of Hercules, museums and the famous Café Hafa. But you also have to explore the coast, visit Ksar Sghir and Dalia beach, for example. To this end, there is nothing better than renting a car directly at Tangier airport.

Road map: from Tangier to Ksar Sghir, and from Ksar Sghir to Dalia beach
Getting there: Car rental Tangier (Firefly Morocco Tangier car rental agency)