The region of Oujda

If you go to the small town of Oujda, then you will have to rent a car to enjoy your stay and to visit the region. Discover the activities not to miss and where to rent a car in Oujda.

Oujda is a small town in eastern Morocco. Not very touristy, it is a peaceful and authentic city. And although it does not have the same agitation as Marrakech or Rabat (for example), the city of Oujda has a lot to offer. First of all, it is advisable to rent a car at Oujda airport in order to move easily. Then go immerse yourself in the local culture by strolling around in the souk. The souk of Oujda is the heart of the city.

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The forest and the beach

Also take the road to the Sidi Mâafa Forest, five kilometers south of the city. People go there for sports, hiking, biking or just picnicking. The place is relaxing and well maintained. Finally, head north. Do not miss going to the Mediterranean coast, about an hour away. Make sure to visit the small city of Saïdia, known for the beauty of its beach and its view of the Mediterranean.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a city car to visit the city of Oujda and its region.

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Useful information

Oujda is a city in eastern Morocco. It is a rather calm city, which however does not miss activities. Remember to rent a car at Oujda airport and go for example to visit the souk of Oujda, the Sidi Mâafa forest and the city of Saïdia.

Access map: Oujda souk, Sidi Mâafa forest and Saïdia city
Getting there: Car rental Oujda (Firefly Morocco Oujda car rental agencies)