Nador and its region

The most famous Moroccan cities are Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat, but Morocco is not confined to these major tourist cities. The kingdom has many small, authentic and charmind towns and Nador is one of them. Discover this beautiful seaside city and think about renting a car to move easily.

Located in northeastern Morocco, on the Mediterranean coast, the city of Nador is not as touristy as Marrakech. And yet, this pretty coastal city is a relaxing and charming place.

Rent a car in Morocco to visit Nador and its region

Dream beaches

Nador is first known for the beauty of its lagoon (called Lagoon of Nador or Marchica) but also for the exceptional beaches of its region. In particular, there is the beach of Charrana (located in a cove, north of Nador), the beach of Tibouda (north), and the beach of Cap de l'eau, to the east. In the surroundings of Nador, you also have to admire the Gourougou Clump, the forest of Nador, the caves, and the village of Ifri n-Dounacht at the Cape of Three Forks.

The Rif region (where Nador is located) is vast, offering sumptuous, diverse and varied landscapes. However, you have to rent a car to enjoy all the beauty of the Mediterranean coast and the Rif. A road trip in this part of Morocco is unforgettable.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a station wagon to visit Nador and its region, with your family.

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Useful information

Nador is a peaceful and authentic seaside town. It is advisable to rent a car to visit the city simply, to go to the beach and to travel the beautiful region of Rif. You will find a Firely Morocco car rental agency at Nador airport.

Map: Nador Lagoon, Charrana Beach and Gourougou Massif
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