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If you dream of a holiday in the sun and at the seaside, then Morocco should please you. But what are the cities in Morocco where you have to set your bags for a "lazy" holiday? Discover the most beautiful seaside resorts in Morocco and consider renting a car to make the most of your stay.

Morocco is a big country with many aspects. There is something for everyone: forests and mountains for hikers, desert for adventurers, big cities for the curious and beaches for vacationers looking for relaxation. If you are part of this last category and you are considering a sunbathing holiday on the beach, then look no further, we know the spots that will make you dream.

Rent a car in Morocco to spend your vacation at the beach in Tangier or Nador

Museums and beaches in Tangier

If you plan to bask on the beach but you also want to have the advantages of a big city, Tangier is your destination. With its large souk, museums and historical monuments, Tangier is a seaside resort with plenty of cultural assets. In addition to the surrounding beaches, Tangier is located not far from places to visit such as the Caves of Hercules or Cape Spartel.

Beaches and walks in Nador

If, on the other hand, you want to rest on uncrowded beaches, go to Nador. In this small seaside resort of eastern Morocco, you will spend a quiet holiday by the sea. The Nador region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, such as the beach of Tibouda or the beach of Saïdia, and the city ​​has an authentic Mediterranean charm.

Small Firefly Morocco tip: rent a small car to enjoy your "lazy" holidays in Tangier or Nador.

Practical information

For "lazy" holidays, there is nothing better than the north of Morocco. Go to Tangier to enjoy the beach and the advantages of a big city, or go to Nador for a quiet holiday in a small seaside town. And to enjoy your holidays without the hassle of public transport, consider renting a car.

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